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It’s a great time to be a part of the Cleveland Browns organization. We are extremely excited about the future of our team, especially with what we are relentlessly striving to create for you, our fans, on the field.

Throughout my time in the NFL as both a player and in player personnel, I have always had an extraordinary respect for the fans in Cleveland and their love of football. We are eager to bring success back to one of the NFL’s most iconic franchises and one of the league’s most passionate fan bases. We need to deliver results to you. Over the last month, with the support of Dee and Jimmy Haslam, Head Coach Hue Jackson and I have been fortunate to assemble an experienced personnel and coaching staff that consists of individuals with a long history of success across the National Football league. We are confident that these additions will significantly help provide what Cleveland deserves.

While the work has already begun, we must and will continue to dedicate ourselves to fully evaluating every possible avenue to improve our roster and football team. We have several exceptional opportunities this offseason to achieve that goal—through the draft, owning five picks in the first two rounds including the No. 1 and No. 4 overall selections, and during free agency, where we are well positioned to acquire some proven veteran players who will make many of our young, talented players and the entire team better on and off the field.

In 2018 and the years ahead, our goal is to create wins in every area possible each day so that we are ready to accomplish the only goal that matters – winning football games. This is the beginning, and it is time to provide the faithful football fans of Cleveland the winning environment they’ve long desired.

Go Browns!

John Dorsey



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